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Premiering October 2018 at The New York International Fringe Festival

Every woman seeking perfection needs a little guidance and now she’s got it all in one place.

“Serving Brûlée” is a 50-minute comedy centered around “Serving Brûlée with Lila Das,” a daytime cooking show debuting to critical acclaim.

In the show’s premiere episode, host Lila Das takes an unwitting guest, graduate student Michelle Stiles, along the many routes modern women take to batter & blister themselves into delectable, camera-ready perfection. As Lila demonstrates, it isn’t enough to just serve crème brûlée – we must also Be the Brûlée. Flawlessness is in! However, a tiny misstep reveals that this highly coveted recipe comes with a dark secret.

With a little bit of style, a little bit of wickedness, and a whole lot of sass, “Serving Brûlée” is an ode to the roads women travel to bring forth their best selves…and how sometimes, we end up rescuing each other along the way.